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The city of Kalkan in Turkey is not only known for its beauty and culture, but also its proximity to some of the most magnificent remains of some of the most powerful cities of ancient Lycia. If you are planning a visit to Kalkan, with a stay in one of the many beautiful Kalkan villas that are available for vacationers and locals alike, then you will definitely want to visit as many of these ancient cities as possible. Take a step back in time and let the marvellous views and ancient monuments of these cities take your breath away.
Considered for a time to be one of the most important cities in ancient Lycia, Myra offers visitors some of the most amazing sites that any of the ancient cities has to offer. Only a short drive from many of the Kalkan villas, this city is home to the Church of St. Nicholas, a stunning monument to classic architecture which was once the home to St. Nicholas himself who served as the bishop of the city during the early 4th century. Myra is also home to the largest of all the amphitheatres that stood in Lycia which sits under an abundance of burial tombs that were carved directly into the rocky mountains.
If you want to explore what was once the spiritual centre of Lycia, then you will want to make sure to travel to Letoon, easily accessible by car from any of the Kalkan villas you may be staying at. This mecca served as a religious sanctuary and was dedicated to the three most important deities of Lycian culture, the twins Apollo and Artemis, along with their mother Leto. While not technically a city, Letoon was surrounded by its own settlement. Letoon is also well known as the home of the cult of Leto, one of the most powerful proponents of the mother/goddess religion that once prevailed in the ancient world. If you're going to venture out from your Kalkan villa, Letoon should definitely be a top contender on your lost of places to visit. The three temples of Leto, Artemis, and Apollo are stunning, the amphitheatre with tis vaulted passages is quite impressive, and the Nymphaeum offers a serene beauty that will transport your mind to ancient times with its mystical wonder.
Another spot you won't want to miss during your stay at one of the many beautiful Kalkan villas is the port city of Patara. Situated at the mouth of the beautiful Xanthos River, this city was once the heart of Lycia, as well as one of its richest thanks to the bountiful trade that occurred there. Patara is also home to a beautiful beach for those looking for a paradise escape that is slightly more secluded than the popular Kalkan beaches. If you love wildlife, be sure to check out some of the many bird species local to the area, as well as exploring the breeding grounds to the majesty of the now endangered loggerhead turtles before you return to the comport of your Kalkan villa.


More and more vacationers each year are discovering the beauty and wonder that Kalkan has to offer.  With its pristine beaches and beautiful architecture, this once quaint fishing village on Turkey's Turquoise Coast is now one of the hottest resort destinations for people wanting to escape from the everyday and enjoy what this little paradise.  Of course, some of the most beautiful views in and around Kalkan can be found in the many ancient Lycian sites that remain to this day.  If you are staying at one of the beautiful Kalkan villas and want to explore the rich history that remains from the ancient Lycian civilization, then here are a few places you want to make sure to see while you're there.

Once the heart of the Lycian civilization, Xanthos is one of the must see locations if you want to really get a taste of what these ancient people lived like.  Just a short drive from most of the Kalkan villas, Xanthos was one of the most prominent of all the Lycian cities and remains one of the most impressive places to visit to this day.  You can enjoy the majesty of the beautiful Xanthos River on the west side of the city, as well as breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains which tower over the valleys.  Before you return to the comforts of your Kalkan villa for the day, be sure to check out the Harpy Tomb and the Xanthian Obelisque, two of the most marvellous structures that remain from this ancient city.

Another one of the must see sites of ancient Lycia is Pinara.  Tucked into the beautiful mountains, Pinara offers breathtaking valley views filled with rich landscaping and beautiful serene wildlife.  Rich with the smell of towering pine trees and filled with ancient olive trees, with some that date back more than two thousand years, Pinara is said by many to offer an almost spiritual experience to those who visit its ancient locale.  Following in Lycian tradition, some of the most beautiful sites in Pinara are the amazing burial tombs which have been set into the mountains themselves.  The Royal Tomb and Pinaran Amphitheatre should not be missed as you take a break form your Kalkan villa and step back in time to the beauty of ancient Lycia.

If you want to travel even farther off the beaten path, you won't want to miss the city of Arycanda.  Just a short drive from most of the Kalkan villas, this ancient Lycian city is infamous for its more eccentric occupants.  Overlooking one of the most pristine valleys in the country, Arycanda is also home to one of the largest Turkish bath houses, as well as several beautiful temples and a terrace top stadium.

Now you can have it all.  A comfortable stay in a well appointed Kalkan villa, enjoying all the luxuries of home, plus a few more just to make your vacation even more memorable, as well as access to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking ancient Lycian cities in existence today.


While vacations are intended to be relaxing and stress free, we all know that is rarely the case, especially when travelling with family in tow. If you are looking for a family friendly destination that may involve a little out of the box thinking, then a stay at a beautiful Kalkan villa may be just what you need. Located in Turkey on the beautiful Turquoise Coast, Kalkan was once a quaint fishing village that has since began catering to vacationers who wants an unforgettable vacation that give them the relaxation they deserve.

One of the most challenging aspects of any family vacation is often accommodations. Particularly with smaller children in tow, it can be difficult, to say the least, to try and stay in hotels or similar lodgings which are often cramped and poorly appointed. With a stay in a Kalkan villa, you would be afforded all the comforts and benefits of home with several added luxuries that you won't want to miss out on. Often equipped with full sized kitchens, these charming Kalkan villas make it easier than ever to prepare meals for the entire family. While you will want to indulge in the local cuisine as much as possible, the convenience of your own kitchen expands your options when it comes to meal time, making your stay at a Kalkan villa extremely versatile.

No longer will you be limited to one room that the entire family is confined to during your trip. Most Kalkan villas are equipped with full living areas, spacious bedrooms, and entertaining areas. Having the room to spread out not only makes the family vacation more enjoyable, it also eliminates the stress and strife that often results form being in close quarters for extended periods of time. The private pools at many of the Kalkan villas also allows you and your family some added fun and relaxation without having to battle for space with other resort guests.

When it come to entertainment, Kalkan offers a wide range of activities that you and your family will enjoy. You can take in the scenery as you tour some of the stunning mountain ranges he area is well known for or walk the streets of Old Kalkan, enjoying the beauty of the ancient architecture that has been well preserved for our generation to admire. Of course, you probably didn't look into a Kalkan villa rental if you didn't love the water which is why the city offers an impressive selection of water sports and activities the whole family can enjoy. F4om water skiing to jet skis, hang-gliding to parasailing, the beaches of Kalkan are guaranteed to keep you entire group thoroughly entertained during your stay.

Of course, you can't forget about the shopping and dining. Sample some of the delicacies of the local cuisine, enjoy local artists and musicians, and find hidden treasures in the many shops of Kalkan. This city truly offers something for everyone, young and old. Give your family the vacation they've always dreamed of at one of the many Kalkan villas awaiting your stay today.


If you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway to share with your someone special then look no further than the beautiful town of Kalkan. Located in Turkey on the stunning Turquoise Coast, Kalkan is a small village that continues to make a name for itself as one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets. Fall in love with each other for the first time or all over again as you enjoy picture perfect weather, breathtaking sights, delicious cuisine, fabulous shopping, and as much adventure as your heart can handle. All while staying in a luxurious Kalkan villa that gives you the comforts of home in the middle of paradise.

What's more romantic than a stroll on a beautiful beach surrounded by crystal clear waters rich with shades of blue and green. Take in the fresh sea air as you walk or sit and watch some of the most beautiful sunrises you will find anywhere in the world. You can spend a relaxing day laying in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun as you listen to the waves kiss the shore, enjoying each other's company.

If you and your partner are a bit more adventurous, then spend some time on a hired boat enjoying the seas in a more personal way. Whether you enjoy relaxing on a sail boat, letting your cares melt away on a majestic yacht, or seeking adrenaline on a speed boat, your stay in a Kalkan villa will give you access to just about any form of water transportation you desire to make your excursion unforgettable.

If you prefer to take in the sights, nothing can be more romantic that walking through the narrow winding streets of Old Kalkan. You will feel as if you had been transported back in time as you enjoy the old world charm of Ottoman architecture as you explore the beauty of this well preserved bit of history. From churches and mosques to the ancient Lycian funerary, take in the history of this beautiful city together, learning about the rich traditions and origins of the craftsmanship as you discover more and more about each other.

What can be more romantic than a wonderful meal together in a quaint local restaurant shared over a bottle of fine wine. Enjoy the local cuisine as you sample modern dishes as well as those dishes that date back to the early days of the city. You can experience all Kalkan has to offer, from small quaint cafes to more exciting venues complete with live music and exotic belly dancers. As the sun sets on Kalkan, there is no need to return to your Kalkan villa just yet. The city comes alive after dark and is perfect for couples looking to enjoy the city's nightlife.

It's easy to see why Kalkan has become such a popular destination for couples looking to come closer. The beauty of the city, combined with all the relaxing and breathtaking activities it has to offer make it a perfect locations for lovers of all ages. If you're looking for the perfect getaway to kindle a new romance or reignite the fire in a long standing one, then a stay at one of the beautiful Kalkan villas may be just what your relationship needs.


While many people continue to discover the wonders that the Turkish city of Kalkan has to offer, with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, abundant shopping and decisions cuisine, many people visit Kalkan to enjoy the beauty of its rich architecture. As rich in history and tradition as it is beautiful, the architecture of Kalkan is breathtaking to say the least. With its origins dating back to the Ottoman Empire, the stunning Greek history can be seen in nearly every building and every home, preserved through the years.

Nowhere in the city can the beauty of this architecture be seen more readily than in Old Kalkan, where numerous buildings stand and pay homage to the old world charm and stunning craftsmanship that the Ottoman Greek people were known for. Every where you turn you will witness first hand the love and attention to detail that went into every aspect of these magnificent buildings, from the marvellous Kalkan villas that welcome visitors to the beautiful city into their well appointed living spaces to breathtaking churches and mosques that grace the magnificent city.

Now referred to as the Kalkan Style, there are a number of structures in the city and on the outskirts that display fine work and exquisite labor that went into each and every building. With constant care and painstaking upkeep, these structures have been beautifully preserved to be enjoyed as much by current and future generations as they were by those who came before us.

The narrow streets of Old Kalkan are filled with houses that exemplify this style of architecture. It's as if you were walking backwards in time as you stroll these winding streets, taking in the stunning views and breathing in the fresh air filled with the scent of blooming bougainvillea that cover the houses in their beautiful flowers. With their sturdy stone walls and wooden balconies, each house is set with tiny windows with wooden shutters that allow you to peek inside these historical beauties.

Many of these older homes serves dual roles, with the lower floor being used as shops or small restaurants while the upstairs is reserved for living spaces. Because of this, you are often able to experience the insides of these historic buildings for yourself as you shop and dine in Old Kalkan. Filled with had crafted woodwork details, the insides of these homes are often just as beautiful as the outsides. These details are also present in many of the Kalkan villas available for rent.

While some people come to Kalkan for the nightlife and others enjoy the city for the water and mountains, Kalkan is also one of the most see places in the world for those with a true love of and appreciation for classic architecture. Even if you are not well versed in the rich history of the city and its beautiful buildings, you can still enjoy the fine work and skill that went into creating such magnificent structures that remain just as beautiful today as they ever have been. So if you're planning a trip to Kalkan, don't forget to shop, dine, and dance, as well as enjoy the beauty of architecture that makes the city quite beautiful to behold.


If you've decided to take advantage of all the benefits a vacation at a Kalkan villa has to offer, then you may already know about some of the most popular ways to fill your days. From the beautiful beaches of the Turquoise Coast to the majestic mountain ranges, Kalkan and the surrounding areas are full of plenty of places to see and things to do. Of course, the fun doesn't stop once the day is done. Kalkan not only offers a wealth of activities to do during the day, but also provides plenty of ways to keep you entertained once the sun goes down.

While there is plenty of shopping in Kalkan to fill your days to the brim, many of the stores truly come alive at night. From handmade clothing to exotic jewellery, your stay at a beautiful Kalkan villa will put you right in the heart of some of the best shopping spots in the Mediterranean. Shop for your very own hand woven magic carpet or enjoy the taste of authentic Turkish delight. If clothing is what you seek then you are in luck. Stroll through the shops of Kalkan after dark to discover beautiful custom made clothes made from high quality Turkish fabrics. Arts and crafts are a plenty, giving you the chance to take a piece of Turkey with you when you return home.

Once you've shopped your heart it, it's time to eat. While renting a Kalkan villa does allow you the opportunity to prepare your won meals, you will definitely want to take advantage of the local cuisine at some of the best restaurants on the Turquoise Coast. Bring your appetites as you sample some of the finest dishes the Mediterranean has to offer as you indulge in local specialities and regional favourites. Of course, what good is a great dinner without some equally satisfying drinks as you enjoy fine wine and spirits in style.

If you're not ready to call it a day and return to your Kalkan villa just yet, there's a number of local bars and hotspots where you can go to mingle with the locals and dance the night away in a fun and festive atmosphere. Enjoy local musicians and take in all that this wonderful city has to offer. Some would even say that you've never truly had the Kalkan experience without taking advantage of the city after dark and all the excitement and fun it has to offer.

As you can see, there is just as much to do in beautiful Kalkan at night as there is during the day. The city is truly one that comes alive after dark and it can be a truly unique experience to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city once the sun has set. So remember, if you're enjoying Kalkan for the first time or rediscovering it's beauty all over again, make sure to plan for a few nights out as well as days when planning your activities for your stay.


If you are enjoying the perks and benefits of a Kalkan villa rental for the first time, you may need a bit of help deciding what to do and see during your stay on Turkey's magnificent Turquoise Coast. From shopping to dining to all the water activities you can dream of, Kalkan offers a wealth of activities and sights to make your vacation unforgettable. If you want to know more about what this town has to offer, her are a few spots definitely worth looking into.

If ancient history is your thing then you won't want to miss a visit to some of the most beautifully preserved site of Lycia, located just outside Kalkan. These ancient monuments and structures serve as a stunning example of the rich history and traditions of this once great civilization and can still be enjoyed today. Whether you take one of the many guided tours offered by the Kalkan tour agencies, or rent a car to explore the sites on your own, you will definitely want to make time to take in the views at nearly twenty sites that still remain as a tribute to ancient Lycian living. Don't forget to take special note of the many funerary structures that this once great culture was so well known for.

Kalkan is also known for its many beautiful mountains which are a popular destination for many people who are enjoying their stay at one of the many beautiful Kalkan villas. You can take your pick from a number of popular destinations, each unique and worth the visit. If you're up for a hike, take a trip to the Saklikent Gorge and walk the longest canyon in Turkey while enjoying the beautiful views of this feat of nature. If you prefer something a bit more colourful, take in the sights of Green Lake. This stunning green hued mountain located in the Taurus Mountains boasts magnificent shores that are sill populated by a number of nomads who enjoy the serenity and rich resources that the location has to offer. You can also take a step back in time and see what life in Turkey was like over 100 years ago. Elmali, an Ottoman town also located in the Taurus mountains, is home to a number of ancient settlements that are as rich in history and tradition as they are beautiful to behold.

We have all heard tales of the magnificent Turkish baths, so why not experience one or two for yourself during your stay in your beautiful Kalkan villa. Enjoy life as the ancients once did as you take in the beauty of the many Turkish baths in the area and see just how enjoyable it can be to experience them first hand.

Of course, these are juts a few of the sights you can take in and enjoy during your stay in Kalkan. Make your next vacation unforgettable with a stay at Villa Turquoise or one of the many other beautiful Kalkan villas that await you in this beautiful town.


If you ask most people what their last real vacation was like they will most likely bore you with details about a stay in a cramped hotel room, some mediocre meals at a series of chain restaurants, and days on end of fighting the crowds in an overpriced tourist trap that is more focused on making money than it is on providing a quality vacation destination. If this is your idea of relaxation the, by all means, feel free to spend your next vacation doing the same. If you prefer something a little less chaotic and a whole lot more relaxing, however, then why not consider a stay at one of the many beautiful Kalkan villas that are available for rent.

Why start your day trying to live out of a suitcase in a tiny hotel room when you can awake refreshed and relaxed in a beautiful Kalkan villa that offers you all the comforts of home with a wealth of extra amenities that will make you feel like royalty. Villa Turquoise offers a full kitchen, luxurious bedrooms and roomy bathrooms and living areas that let you spread out and enjoy your stay. Relax by the pool for a while and soak in the sun before you head out for the day. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Kalkan and the beautiful Turquoise Coast and you'll soon see why this charming Mediterranean resort town is the perfect destination when you want to truly enjoy the time off that you have worked so hard for.

You no longer have to worry about eating forgettable meals as you now have a choice. You not only have the freedom to cook your own food in the well appointed kitchen, but you can also enjoy some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine at the many fine restaurants that Kalkan has to offer. If you are vacationing with your family, cooking your own meals can also be a great way to save some money and keep your vacation as budget friendly as possible or simply allow you some extra funds to spend elsewhere during your stay. If you're vacationing with friends or loved ones, preparing meals together can also be a great way to socialize and make some wonderful memories of the time you spend together.

Why fight over one small hotel bathroom when you can enjoy the full accommodations that a kalkan villa has to offer. Enjoy a quick shower or a hot bath in style in one of the many bathrooms you will find in your vacation villa. You will also enjoy towel and linen service on a regular basis as part of your stay, giving you the comforts of home with the perks of a resort.

Come and go at your leisure and spend your days exploring the beauty of this Mediterranean fishing village and secluded resort destination. If you prefer to stay in, you can even spend your days relaxing by the crystal clear pool as you take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the lush surrounding of the natural landscapes that this vacation gem has to offer.


Anyone can spend a vacation crammed in a tiny hotel room surrounded by hoards of tourists, traffic, and the hustle and bustle of the city. Why would you want to do this though when you could be relaxing at a beautiful Kalkan villa, enjoying all the rich history and tradition that Turkey's famed oasis has to offer. Step back in time as you take in the sights, enjoying beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and bountiful shopping. If you enjoy a bit of adventure and want to experience some of the most beautiful waters in the world, then head to the Turquoise Coast for a bit of adventure on the Turkish seas.

One of the benefits of staying in one of the beautiful Kalkan villas is that you will be just minutes away from the beautiful Turquoise Coast. Enjoy the waters of the sea as you have never seen them before, crystal blue and green, shimmering in the warm sun like glass. Set your own pace once you arrive on the breathtaking beaches, as the Turquoise Coast is known for offering something for everyone to enjoy.

If you prefer a slower pace, spend your day relaxing on the white sands of some of Turkey's most beautiful beaches. Take a walk and let the sand caress your toes or cool off with a quick splash in the water. Enjoy the sounds of the waves as they crash on the shore and let all your troubles melt away in the warm sun as you discover what a relaxing vacation was truly meant to feel like.

If you want to be a bit closer to the water, there are a number of boats and yachts that can be hired for anywhere form an hour or two to a full day. Learn how the other half live as you sail the seas in style and enjoy the views of Kalkan as can only be seen from the sea itself. Lay back and enjoy your day on the water or even take in some fishing and see why this beautiful resort town can also boast some of the freshest seafood in the area.

When it's time to get the heart pumping a bit faster, you will have a wealth of choices to pick from. Spend your afternoon hang-gliding for an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever, or race the waves with your very own jet ski for some heart pounding excitement that will leave you craving more. From water skiing to parasailing, you can find it all on the beaches of Kalkan.

Whether you are looking for some excitement on the seas or a relaxing day on the water, the Turquoise Coast has everything you need to make your stay at the beautiful kalkan villas the vacation of a lifetime. So step away from the crowds and commotion of the usual tourist traps and find out why Kalkan is becoming the destination of choice for people who want to start enjoying their vacations again.


Why settle for the usual vacation when you can escape from the ordinary? If you find yourself tired of the taking the same old vacations every year then it may be time for a change. Why sit around at home wasting your precious time off when you could be relaxing in a luxurious Kalkan villa with all the comforts of home. More and more vacationers every year are discovering the beauty and wonder of Kalkan, tucked away on Turkey's beautiful Lycian Coast. A welcoming stay at Villa Turquoise, one of the most well appointed Kalkan villas available, may be just what you need to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Some people may ask what Kalkan offers that is so appealing for the modern vacationer. While it may not have the hustle and bustle of some of the more densely populated tourist spots, it offers a warmth and charm that is unmatched. You will not only be able to enjoy your stay at your beautiful kalkan villa, you will also be surrounded and even enchanted by the beauty of the old world architecture, bright blue glass like seas, and the warmth and hospitality that the people of Turkey have become so well known for.

Get away fro the rush and stress of day to day life by taking a trip back in time. Every where you look, you will enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of stunning homes and buildings. Each structure filled with a rich history, each with its own tale to tell. See the beauty of the architecture as it was meant to be enjoyed, set against the rich backdrop of the stunning Turkish skies and rich landscapes.

If you want adventure, head to the crystal clear waters of the Turkish sea. Enjoy a relaxing day on a chartered yacht or sailboat, as you unwind and let the magnificent views take you to another world. If you prefer to get your heart racing a bit faster, take a speedboat or a pair of jet skis out and enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you explore the waters at a bit of a faster pace. If you prefer to stay a bit drier, then spend the day relaxing on the pristine Kalkan beaches as you soak in the sun and feel your troubles melt away.

You can also enjoy some of the finest shopping and dining that can be found anywhere on the Turkish coast. Kalkan is filled with shops that will delight your senses, offering handmade items and handcrafted treasures that you will cherish as a reminder of your stay at your Kalkan villa. You will naturally work up a hunger while shopping but, rest easy, Kalkan also offers some of the finest cuisine you will find anywhere in Turkey.

At the end of the day, return to your Kalkan villa and wind down with all the comforts of home. You will get one of the most relaxing night's sleep you have ever enjoyed and awake in the morning refreshed and ready to do it all again.


Nestled on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, the quaint town of Kalkan boasts an oasis of peace and tranquility tucked away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities. Surrounded by bright bougainvillea flowers and picturesque white-washed houses with shuttered windows and timber balconies, Kalkan offers a safe alternative from the busy seaside resorts of the coast. The town's winding cobblestone roads lined up with small souvenir shops, guide visitors down to the charming marina. Here, from the small fishing port, visitors can embark on small fishing boats and enjoy daily tours to the nearby beaches and surrounding small bays.


In this age of instant communication, it is easy for work to seep into and take over practically all aspects of your life.

When your spouse can only reach you by text or if your children jokingly refer to you as a ďvirtualĒ parent, it is time to stop and take a holiday at a villa in Kalkan, Turkey. A family reunion at a villa in Kalkan, Turkey, is a way to enjoy family especially if you rarely get to see one another.


Majestic Mediterranean views and delightful Turkish hospitality await you with Kalkan villa rentals. Exclusive and privately owned Kalkan villa rentals are a prime location for exploring the ancient city of Kalkan and the surrounding coast. Restaurants, shopping, nightlife and sunny beaches await you with your Kalkan villa rental. With the many opportunities for relaxation and fun, Kalkan villa rentals are the perfect holiday destination for couples, families and friend getaways.


Off the coast of the Turkish Mediterranean, Kalkan is a fishing town in the classic tradition. Sitting in the safe harbor between Kas and Fethiye, Kalkan has a long beloved reputation for white-washed homes descending to the sea, and its colorful bougainvilleas, a gorgeous flowering plant.


Kalkan is a Mediterranean paradise that offers beautiful beaches and dozens of activities. While every aspect of Kalkan is impressive, the beaches stand out more than anything else. The beaches here are clean, wide and have turquoise water. To make these environments even more enjoyable, lounge chairs and umbrellas are available for rent. If youíre hungry, then you might find a cafe or individuals roaming the beach selling snacks and cold drinks. When itís time for some action, you can choose between swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing and banana boating. You should also be able to enjoy the beaches without much problem. This little fishing town is lucky enough to experience 300 days of sunshine per year. Kalkan has also been listed by The Independent as the Best Tourist Destination. Itís the perfect place to go if youíre looking for the ideal romantic setting or a laidback holiday. In order to make the most of this experience, itís highly recommended that you rent a villa in Kalkan. By doing so, you will have a lot more privacy, which will heighten the relaxation aspect of your trip.


Situated on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Kalkan is a historic town filled with charm and ambience. One of the best ways to enjoy this idyllic town is by renting a villa. Villa rentals offer a unique blend of luxury and affordability that is ideal for seeing and visiting Kalkan.


For your next vacation, think about heading to one of the beautiful villas in Kalkan. There are many reasons to visit one of the great villas in Kalkan. Whether you prefer the beautiful Turkish town's pristine beaches, the gorgeous mountains, or the fabulous nightlife, there is something for everyone who visits one of the fine villas in Kalkan.


In these busy days it's important to take some time to spend with our families and loved ones. Many like to plan annual reunions in special places. A great option is to rent one of the picturesque villas in Kalkan, Turkey. A villa in Kalkan can bring far flung family members together for a fun and relaxing holidays on Kalamar Bay. The Villa Turquoise Kalkan is a great resort which offers comfortable accommodations near plenty of recreational activities.


Do you enjoy dining in exquisite restaurants, surrounded by gorgeous scenery? Then you may want to stay at one of the beautiful villas in Kalkan, Turkey. This picturesque village on the Lycian Coast has become one of the most popular places to visit. When you stay at a villa in Kalkan you will be surrounded by some of the finest dining establishments in the area. Some believe this ancient fishing village turned resort destination has the highest ratio of restaurants and bars on the Turkish Coast. If you're planning a food holiday, you may want to book the Villa Turquoise Kalkan, one of the best private retreats in the city.


Culinary vacations are one of the hottest trends and what could be better than enjoying your passion for cooking at one of the beautiful villas in Kalkan, Turkey. For several years one of the most popular vacation choices for families and groups has been a villa in Kalkan. The Villa Turquoise in Kalkan is a great place to combine these two pleasures for a truly memorable vacation.


Getting married and wondering how to celebrate with your wedding attendants? Why not lease one of the beautiful villas in Kalkan, Turkey? This vibrant resort town has plenty of restaurants, shops, and other fun activities. When you and your group stay at a villa in Kalkan you will be surrounded with plenty of things to do. One of the nicest private resorts in Villa Turquoise Kalkan, an architect designed resort set in a hillside, just minutes from the beaches of Kalamar Bay.


The holidays are coming up and you're looking forward to time off. Many of your friends are booking villas in Kalkan, Turkey. You know a resort getaway will provide plenty of sun for tanning and a great nightlife, but you really want to stay active. A villa in Kalkan can put you right by plenty of activities that will keep you active all day long. The Villa Turquoise in Kalkan is a great vacation choice in the resort paradise on the Lycian Coast.


If you've been reading the style magazines or the travel section of the newspaper, you know that one of the most popular choices for a holiday is staying at one of the picturesque villas in Kalkan, Turkey. Maybe you have a friend who has stayed at a villa at Kalkan and they can't stop talking about all the fun they had. With sandy beaches, fine restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, and stunning natural attractions, a villa vacation in Turkey is the way to holiday. A great choice is the Villa Turquoise Kalkan, a private retreat on Kalamar Bay.


One of the most popular vacation places to stay is a villa in Kalkan, Turkey. According to some reports this areas on the Lycian Coast in Turkey has been growing in popularity in recent years and many travelers enjoying booking one of the private villas in Kalkan. The retreats are surrounded by many scenic attractions as well as plenty of dining, shopping, and leisure activities. If you're planning a visit you may want to stay at the Villa Turquoise Kalkan, one of the nicest resorts on Kalamar Bay.


Sailing up to stay at one of the villas in Kalkan is one of the most popular vacation choices this year. There is nothing like boating through the cool, teal waters of the Lycian Coast and then docking in Kalamar Bay to stay in your own private villa in Kalkan. One of the nicest villas is the Villa Turquoise Kalkan, a beautiful private retreat located near popular shopping and restaurant districts and within walking distance to Kalamar Bay.


Tourists across Europe are flocking to the villas in Kalkan. This beautiful region in Turkey has been gaining in popularity in recent years and offers exciting activity and comfortable accommodations. Many travelers rent a villa in Kalkan to enjoy the sunny climate, fine dining, shopping, and sport activities. There are also many who come to the region to tour the historical sites around the city of Kalkan. A villa is a great way to enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation, and a great choice is the Villa Turquoise in Kalkan.


One of the most popular vacation choices is Kalkan, Turkey, a beautiful seaside village on the turquoise shores of the Lycian Coast. Many people are flocking to the charming villas in Kalkan to see the sites and swim in the clean, cool waters of Kalamar Bay. Staying at a villa Kalkan allows you to be near the attractions, restaurants and shops and still have a special getaway place for private times. Villa Turquoise is one of the nicest villas in Kalkan and a great place for a memorable vacation.


One of the most popular vacation choices is Kalkan, Turkey, a beautiful seaside village on the turquoise shores of the Lycian Coast. Many people are flocking to the charming villas in Kalkan to see the sites and swim in the clean, cool waters of Kalamar Bay. Staying at a villa Kalkan allows you to be near the attractions, restaurants and shops and still have a special getaway place for private times. Villa Turquoise is one of the nicest villas in Kalkan and a great place for a memorable vacation.


If you're planning your next vacation, consider staying at one of the beautiful villas in Kalkan, Turkey. This ancient fishing village turned resort town has become one of the most popular holiday destinations. There are plenty of attractions and sites to see as well as other outdoor activities. Travelers especially like staying at their own villa in Kalkan while checking out the local sites. One resort you should consider is the Villa Turquoise Kalkan, a lovely private resort that is a perfect setting for your family vacation or group getaway.


Do you love to shop when you're on vacation? For many travelers, exploring shops and stores are often the best part of their trips. If you stay at one of the villas in Kalkan, Turkey you'll find many unique shops to explore. If this sounds like the perfect holiday, consider staying at your own villa in Kalkan for a few days. One of the nicest resorts is Villa Turquoise Kalkan, a private retreat near all the best shopping spots.


 If you are dreaming of visiting the seaside on your next holiday you should try one of the coastal villas in Kalkan, Turkey. A villa in Kalkan will bring you close to several beaches as well as the stunning Lycian Coast, a favorite retreat for many years. This region is fast becoming one of the most popular places to visit, especially for those who love the water. A retreat you may want to try is the Villa Turquoise in Kalkan, a private resort filled with style and comfort.


The holidays are approaching and your dreaming of traveling to a special place, like maybe one of those lovely villas in Kalkan, Turkey. You've heard that renting a villa in Kalkan is one of the hottest vacation trends, but you can't afford to go on your own. The solution may be a group getaway with your friends. Get your group together and plan on several days of fun in the beautiful city of Kalkan. The Villa Turquoise Kalkan is a private dwelling that has plenty of amenities and accommodations and is near all the best attractions.


Planning a romantic getaway with your spouse or special someone? A villa in Kalkan, Turkey may be the perfect choice for a relaxing and romantic getaway just for two. The Turquoise Villa Kalkan is a beautiful retreat set on a hillside over the cool, clean waters of Kalamar Bay. This is one of the most impressive villas in Kalkan and can be a memorable setting for a romantic getaway for two.


Turkey is a popular destination for tourists and one of the hottest trends is staying in one of the lovely villas in Kalkan. A villa in Kalkan will give you access to local shopping and dining as well as to nearby sights and attractions. The Villa Turquoise Kalkan is a great private retreat that offers plenty of room and all the necessary comforts.


Every now and then it is absolutely necessary to get away and spend some time with your girlfriends. Our days can be so hectic, filled with family obligations and work that it can be difficult to get away even for lunch or drinks. Many women are planning getaways at spots like one of the villas in Kalkan, Turkey. This city has become one of the best tourist destinations and a villa in Kalkan is a great way to gather everyone together for a few days. If you're planning a girlfriend getaway, the Villa Turquoise Kalkan has every comfort and amenity for a perfect holiday.


The Villa Turquoise Kalkan is a perfect site for an intimate wedding. Many bridal couples are planning destination weddings, and Kalkan, Turkey can be a beautiful place to start their lives together. The villas in Kalkan offer lovely surroundings with easy access to fine dining and other amenities. Booking a villa in Kalkan is also a good way of keeping the group together in one spot while avoiding the crowds at a large, impersonal hotel. The Villa Turquoise Kalkan can provide accommodations to make any wedding perfect.


Many people looking for a new place to holiday are renting one of the villas in Kalkan, Turkey. Scenic Kalkan is an ancient Mediterranean fishing village which has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations. A villa in Kalkan puts visitors right in the heart of a vibrant dining and shopping area with plenty of other activities for a memorable vacation. The Villa Turquoise offers excellent accommodations with access to everything Kalkan has to offer.